Outbound Calls

Outbound Calls

With World Numbers you can make outbound international calls at a fraction of normal call rates.

When you need to make an international call, you can divert your local number to the international number you need to call.

Simply make a local call which will be redirected to the international destination. Our unique international call-forwarding technology enables you to dramatically reduce your International calls costs.

Let's imagine you are in London, and you purchase a local London World Number. You have a valued customer in the US who you would like to keep in touch with, however the calls are becoming very frequent – and very expensive! With your newly purchased local London number, all you need to do is access your online Dashboard, redirect your local number to their US number, and watch your phone bills plummet. You will incur the cost of a local call when you dial your London number, and then approximately USD $0.021 per minute for the call to the US.

With active management of your telephone numbers through your Address Book, you can create multiple telephone numbers that can be quickly and easily redirected, for both incoming and outgoing calls.

Prices stated in the above example are not indicative of current rates. Please refer to current rates here

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