Voicemail Alerts via Email

Voicemail Alerts via Email

With World Numbers you will have the ability to convert voice messages into WAV files, able to be sent via email.

Let's imagine you are travelling to a business meeting overseas. Due to differences in time zones, you may not want to receive calls in the middle of the night, so you choose to have your incoming calls taken as a message and then converted to an email. You receive the email at an address identified by you and listen to your voice mail at leisure.

If you do not offer after-hours support, you can have your calls converted to an email and sent to your specified email address. Your voicemail is received as a WAV file and you are able to listen to it at a more convenient time. The voicemail could also be emailed to another member of your team who may be better able to address the contents of the voicemail.

Keep your WAV voice mails for future reference, file them and store them somewhere digitally secure - the applications are endless!

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